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 Fight with Victoria

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Fight with Victoria Empty
PostSubject: Fight with Victoria   Fight with Victoria EmptyWed Apr 18, 2018 1:08 pm

This topic will contain all of the parts concerning the fight with Victoria.

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Fight with Victoria Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fight with Victoria   Fight with Victoria EmptyWed Apr 18, 2018 2:09 pm

Trey parried each blow Victoria delivered, and as she changed weapons, he swiftly altered his fighting style.
"Why...won't...you...die!" Victoria screamed in between lunges.
"You're trying to surprise me Victoria." Trey said calmly as he parried. "But what you don't realise is that is just as predictable as having a single fighting style."
Victoria tried one final swing of her mace, but Trey easily side-stepped it and hit her in the back with the hilt of his sword. Her mace quickly dispersed in a shower of blue sparkles as Victoria slumped to the ground. Trey stood next to her.
"Your style is based entirely on the element of surprise. As soon as you find one weapon isn't working, you quickly switch to another, hoping it'll catch me off-guard or at least be the one weapon I can't handle. But because you have so many weapons, you have no true skill with any of them."
Victoria scoffed at Trey's lecture. "Don't apostrophize to me about fighting! I've been fighting for my life since I was born!"
"Exactly, and that's been the detriment to your style. The quick hand catches the rat and so there seems no need to put any effort into anything more. All of your power is in your first strikes; as soon as I parry that, you lose all confidence in that weapon and switch. But each new weapon is weaker and lasts a shorter time than the last, until there's nothing left to try."
Victoria, seething with rage, grasps her medium tightly and it begins to glow. "We'll just see about that!" Victoria lunges at Trey, who is caught off guard by what looks like a lightning bolt erupting from Victoria's medium. He rolls out of the way of the blast and into a bush. Victoria forms a sword and slashes at the bush where Trey hid and her blade strikes the earth underneath. Victoria, shocked, slashes at the bush to find the Trey is nowhere to be found.
"Well that was new," Trey's voice echos from all directions. Victoria turns on her heel, trying to find the source but to no avail. "But you proved my point."
Victoria scoffs at the accusation, "You had a point to that drivel?"
Trey's voice seemed to bellow from within Victoria's mind, echoing her innermost thoughts. "You once told me you were helping Winston in order to gain power. You said nothing meant more to you. And yet here you are, all of your strategies having failed, attempting a strike you'd never done before. You would rather try an untested and dangerous maneuver in the hopes of catching me off-guard again. You don't rely on skill to win you rely on luck." Victoria continues to swivel madly, desperate to find Trey and cease his talking. "But that reveals the truth of you," Trey's voice becomes clearer, behind Victoria's head. She turns to find a glowing blue blade at her throat. "You have no power."
The glow in Victoria's medium fades and she drops it, once again slumping to the ground. After a short while she sneers. "Kill me."
Trey smiles with a look of sarcastic confusion. "Why would I want to do that?"
"If I ever see you again I will assuredly kill you."
"Well that just wouldn't be nice ow would it. No killing you just wouldn't be right. Especially since I'm just about to save your life."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
Trey pulled a piece of cloth from his tunic and passed it to Victoria. She snatched it while keeping as much distance from Trey's blade as possible. She looked over it with frustration until she realised its source.
"This is Braydon's tunic! Where did you find it?!"
"On a dead body I found in the woods."
"You found Braydon?! Where?!" Victoria edged closer to Trey's blade with fire in her eyes. Trey looked solemnly at Victoria.
"His body was charred Victoria. Burnt from the inside out."
Victoria stood silent and wide-eyed, knowing what that would mean. She took a step back from Trey, who began to drop his sword. She stared at the cloth, noticing the burn marks. She didn't dare look back at Trey.
"You're lying..."
"I'm sorry Victoria."
"Why would he kill Braydon?! What would he have to gain?!"
"Winston needed more people. Braydon was becoming suspicious of Winston and starting to wonder if what you were doing was right."
Victoria looked up at Trey with tears in her eyes. "He didn't care about those animals! He wanted what Winston was creating just as much as I did!"
"Or maybe he just wanted whatever you wanted. Maybe he just wanted YOU to be happy."
Victoria took another step back from Trey staring again at the cloth. After a brief silence, Trey began to speak. "I need to stop Winston, Victoria."
Victoria began to laugh through her tears. "Hahaha! And what, you want me to help you?"
"I want you to do nothing. Don't protect him, don't meddle, let me take him down and then live your life elsewhere."
Victoria took a step toward Trey. "Or I could wait until he finishes his machine, use it to destroy him myself, and then I can take care of you and I will finally have all that I want!"
Trey shook his head. "You'll never get to use his machine."
Victoria took another step towards Trey, who stepped back in kind to keep his distance. "You...IDIOT. He NEEDS me in order for it to work. Only someone who can already use Lupine power can wear the receiver suit!"
"Who told you that?"
Victoria began to yell louder, as if to shout away Trey's accusations. "Winston did! And unlike you, he understands my fight. He's willing to give me the power I want because he knows that I will do AMAZING things with it!"
Trey stared directly into Victoria's eyes. "What shape is the suit?"
Victoria looked perplexed, thrown off by the question. "What?"
"What shape is the receiver suit? The one you expect to wear?"
"Victoria fumbled through her thoughts for a moment, trying to come up with the right answer. When it suddenly dawned on her, she stopped still, wide-eyed and even ceasing to breathe for a moment.
"...the head piece..."
Trey knew she had worked it out. "There's no space for a Lupine's ears."
"The suit is designed for a human to wear."
Victoria continued to stand still, searching for some other explanation.
"I'm sorry Victoria, but Winston never intended to give you anything. As soon as he had what he needed, he would have killed you. Likely fed you to his machine, just like Braydon."
Victoria was snapped out of her trance by the mention of Braydon. She looked at Trey with fire in her eyes. He was looking away, waiting for her to respond. Her hand glowed as an unhilted blade began to emerge from it. She lunged at Trey.
At the sound of her scream, Trey looked up and saw Victoria lungng towards him. He side-stepped her at the last moment, her balde cutting his cheek, and out of instinct, he slashed at her back as she passed. Victoria's blade faded and she stood limply for a moment. Trey stared at her with panicked eyes, realising what he'd done. As Victoria began to stumble, Trey moved to catch her as she slowly fell forward. Trey frantically looked around for the way back to the village. As soon as he had his bearings, he sprinted as fast as he could for help. Before reaching the village, he ran into Drake who could tell by the look on Trey's face that something had happened. He quickly assessed Victoria's wound and sprinted to his cart for bandages. Amid Trey's tears, they were able to keep her alive and patch her up. They then dropped her at the town's doctor to ensure she'd be looked after, and left.
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Fight with Victoria
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