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Here's where I put all the book stuff I'm working on for DeviantArt. If you want to check it out, my DA account is nyaliva.deviantart.com
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 Power, Absolute

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A puzzle platformer in which you control a simple character while the game narrates the character's thoughts about your controlling him.

The game starts with the character controlling himself and the game narrating his actions. Eventually the player is given control and the game says the character is confused worried and amused by this concept but because there is no danger, he will let you control him for a while. You ate given a puzzle level to solve and how quickly you solve it will define how the character grows to like you. Dangers and traps appear and the character's abilities falter, requiring you to account for smaller jump height and slower running speed. As you pass traps and obstacles, the character comes to like you or hate you depending on how well you do, all the while the game narrates his thoughts. As your bond with the character weakens, he begins to refuse your commands, doing the opposite if what you say and then flat out refusing to move until you say I'm sorry in the password space. If you harm him too often, the character will either complete the levels himself or simply kill himself repeatedly until you say I'm sorry again. If he starts completing levels you can oppose his actions and a tug of war fir control begins which the character will eventually give up on and become sluggish and depressed. Eventually he will start killing himself again. If you build a good repore with the character, he will eventually trust you implicitly while providing help on puzzles. Eventually you can complete the game and get different endings based on how well you get on.
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Power, Absolute
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