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 The Warriors: Chapter 3.5

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Here's Chapter 3.5 which is the back story for Osred!

Osred's parents are assumed to have died soon after his birth and he was found and adopted by the advisor to the King of a lynx city. The advisor, although prestigious in his title, was mostly poor and fairly aged and despite being married, the couple had no children before Osred. The advisor was always busy, attending to the King's political requirements, while his wife kept the house tidy and brought in some extra money by fixing the garments of the palace guard. She kept an eye on Osred at all times but could not entertain him, leaving him to entertain himself.

Being poor and without children, Osred's adopted parents didn't have much in the way of toys, so as soon as he could read, Osred took to the laws and policies that his father kept for the King.

When he was very young, Osred’s father arrived home one day to find him writing on what appeared to be a policy document. He rushed in, asking Osred why he was writing all over his work papers - to which Osred replied, with a look of disinterest and innocence, "No, yours are over there. They were wrong so I made some better ones.” His father then had a look at what Osred was writing and he found it was a policy document which addressed the same issue as one if his, but it was more concise, more absolute and addressed the same focus as two other pieces of policy implicitly.

Very soon he had re-written every law so that no loop-holes remained and criminals who took advantage of those loop-holes - unaware that the laws had been changed - were caught and arrested.
Soon after Osred came of age to work, war broke out with a neighbouring town and every able-bodied lynx was enlisted and trained. Osred didn't take well to his training, considering it boring and without mental stimulation. He soon took it upon himself to reorganize the armies and manage the soldiers better than his commander. He often ignored his commander's orders to fall in line, claiming agitatedly "If I can manage this platoon better, I shall give you the additional power of ten soldiers more qualified than I!” Osred was soon taken from his platoon to work with the high commanders who organised the troops. Soon the entire army was running so smoothly and efficiently, with every soldier working at his peak, that the war was soon won.

Not long after the war, Osred’s father passed away, but not before he recommended his son to the King as his replacement. The King gladly accepted, knowing of Osred's capabilities. Osred was now the youngest advisor in the history of the kingdom.

Soon after this, the criminals which Osred had helped put away had served their time in jail and wanted revenge. As Osred was working late one night, they avoided castle guards and climbed in through Osred's office window. Osred looked up from his paperwork, oblivious as to who the intruders were or what they intended to do. Once they announced their intentions, Osred removed his glasses and calmly retorted. "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but I’m afraid I can’t indulge your revenge. I have a lot of work to do and the King would simply not allow me to be indisposed.” At this point, he took up a length of chain that was hanging from his wall as decoration and swiftly went into action. One of the criminals approached him with a knife, swinging at him manically. Osred dodged the swings and when one came that he could not dodge he caught the criminal’s arm in his chain and turned it tightly, forcing the criminal to drop the knife in pain.

One of the other thugs came at Osred with a piece of wood, which Osred ducked from, still holding the first assailant’s arm. He turned the criminal around, using him as a shield as the brute with the wood went for another swing. The last criminal now approached Osred from the other side, holding a sword which had also been decoration on the wall. The criminal charged at Osred, the sword overhead. Osred kicked the thug he had trapped into the one with the wood and turned to his new attacker. Osred blocked the sword as it was brought down on him. The crook lunged into Osred, scraping the blade along the chain. Osred pushed the chain up, guiding the sword to sail harmlessly past his head, after which he pushed the blade straight up and ducked away, taking the opportunity to run past his opponent, who then regained his hold on the sword and looked for where Osred had moved to.

He soon turned to see Osred standing on the other side of the room and resumed his attack. This time Osred threw out the chain and caught the sword, held above his startled opponent’s head. Osred pulled hard on the chain and the sword came flying out of the criminal’s hands. As the attacker stood bewildered for a moment, Osred round-house kicked him into his friends who were just getting up for another attack. The three criminals fell down in a pile, the wind knocked out of them from the force of each other’s weight. As they tried to stand up over each other, Osred came over and tied each of their hands to the chain, pushing the sword through the links of the chain to trap them. He then called the royal guard to take them away and sat down to resume his work.

Eventually, Osred managed to alter the policies of his city so that they could no longer be improved and he found himself without interesting work to do. He soon requested that he leave his position as the king’s advisor, which the King allowed him begrudgingly. Osred then moved from town to town, assessing the laws and altering them to benefit the cause of law and order and the people they govern.

Recently, Osred moved into the area of Sefrania, after moving back through his old city. Here he moved into the city of Wrencin to assess its policies. While he was not greeted warmly, his reputation allowed him an audience with the King’s policy makers. After reading many of the laws, he found his services would not be useful there in Wrencin – not because their policies were good, but because any city whose laws had reached the stage these were at, wasn’t interested in the virtues of law and order. Osred treaded carefully, suggesting one small change which addressed the issue of theft in the city. Anyone who was caught stealing had to serve a day in jail but the items they stole weren’t confiscated or returned to their rightful owners.

When Osred suggested that a thief should have to pay some material cost for his crime, he was given a chorus of weak excuses from the policy makers and was quickly shunned from having any benefit to the city. At this point, Osred decided to take his leave, but not before acquiring a copy of Wrencin’s laws for further study.

From here, Osred moved to the neighbouring village of Forcus where he was greeted warmly by its people and their leader. He encountered an old friend, made some new ones and found great interest in the town’s laws. He now resides there during a time of unrest, helping to advise the leader of Forcus and enlisting the help of another friend to help bring peace to the area.
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The Warriors: Chapter 3.5
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