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Here's where I put all the book stuff I'm working on for DeviantArt. If you want to check it out, my DA account is nyaliva.deviantart.com
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 Fursona Bio

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PostSubject: Fursona Bio   Fursona Bio EmptyMon Aug 19, 2013 8:50 am

Here's the bio for my fursona! It may be edited or added to as I see fit until I finally upload it to DA.

Name: Andrax (?)
Gender: Male
Species: Dingo (?)
Fur colour: Slightly variable in real life (attributed to high sensitivity of fur colour to body temperature and the link between body temperature and mood) and highly variable whilst lucid dreaming (also attributed to mood). (+)
Fur pattern: (?)
Background: Grew up in a large family and as such learnt to live on own whilst enjoying the company of others. Loneliness initially caused mood swings and highly variable fur colour which was considered strange. Learnt to control mood to control fur colour. As a result, became fairly clinical in thought processes although retained relationship skills from friendships in order to keep from alienating people. As a result, the emotional backflips have caused high self-awareness and a very stable emotional state. Upon achieving this high self-awareness, became able to lucid dream, whereupon the fur colour affect was amplified and allowed elemental control. (+)
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Fursona Bio
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