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Here's where I put all the book stuff I'm working on for DeviantArt. If you want to check it out, my DA account is nyaliva.deviantart.com
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 The Warriors: Prologue

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PostSubject: The Warriors: Prologue   The Warriors: Prologue EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 12:55 pm

Here's the prologue for my first book. It's also available for download on DeviantArt here. You can comment on it here or there but I'd probably prefer there.

A wolf walks along the winding road between two towns. The difference between this road and the others he had travelled was subtle, only discernible by the feeling he held as he walked.
This particular road gave a strange feeling, one of both serenity and activity. While not an uncomfortable feeling, it was one which he had not felt for some time. Perhaps it was the speed of the wind or the heat of the sun but the wolf felt a great drive to get to the town at the end of the road.
His destination was set, not by choice but by chance and, in fact, had the towns he’d visited not been set out the way they had, he might never have visited them at all. Such as a wanderer does not forge the road, neither does he have power over what lies at the end of it. Some would claim that this particular wolf might actually have that power, yet he would deny it.
He would deny many things, not out of deceit, but regret, a burden he felt he must bear for many years to come. It’s said that the greatest regret comes from a preventable act, and the wolf knew such regret all too well. Perhaps this was what drove him, the need to further distance himself from this event, already long since past.
And so he presses on, towards that which the road leads him, no more power over where he’s going than where he has been.
But today, someone else did have that power, and the wolf’s destination would not be as he expected. For it was not the town that he felt the need to get to, but this chance meeting which would lead him back to his destiny, and one of the greatest events anyone had seen in a long time…
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The Warriors: Prologue
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